Water features

Watch out, you might get wet!

The Waterworks has over 70 attractions to look at, play on or interact with; many of these are created from recycled materials and powered only by water.

If you enjoy having fun with water, then The Waterworks is the place for you!

  • Jump on the water cannons and try and get your opponent wet.
  • Spent some time playing mini boat races in our specially made course.
  • Listen to a magical tune as water powers the music box
  • Have a go at pumping H20 on our water bikes
  • Mesmerize yourself watching the water clock keep time while powered by water.

  The Water Clock
Created after the electric company shifted the power lines and left a redundant pole in the grounds. What else could you do with it other than turn it into a 10m high clock powered by 3 rocks and an old diving air tank! 
The Music Box
6 Sheffield steel knives, a car axle, a 50 gallon oil drum and 50 or so rivets. Put them all together and oh, I nearly forgot, make it all go around with water and what have we got? The most unusual music box you have ever seen! 
  Mr Bones
Take an old Raleigh bicycle, rivet on 48 pieces of metal to the back wheel, make a rider from some old bits of pope, hook on a garden hose and you created Mr Bones. It’s our most photographed invention 
Water Cannons
Blast away on the wicked water cannons! The biggest challenge you will face when blasting away on these wicked water cannons will be staying dry!

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Even in the rain we had a blast, wicked fun. It brought out the kids in us! COOL, I love the hamster wheel and spinny things & flying fox...

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April – October:

10.00am to 4.00pm

November – March:

10.00am to 6.00pm

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