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Welcome to the land of artefacts and crazy inventions!

More than a theme park, different from any activity place you’ve visited. Brilliant, curious and creative people built this place from scratch, and we proudly carry the title of being ‘the quirkiest place in New Zealand’!

Enjoy a fun day with heaps of creative Upcycled attractions, two swimming holes, jumping boards and a huge water slide. The Waterworks will make you feel like a kid and bring back those crazy moments of genuine laughter.

Fun for All

Dog Friendly

7 days


Get your bonuses!

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Watch out, you might get wet! The Waterworks has over 70 attractions to play on, interact with or look at; many of these are created from recycled materials and powered only by water. If you enjoy having fun with water, then The Waterworks is the place for you!

Other great things at The Waterworks

Yummy Cafe

BBQ & Picnic

Overnight Stay

Nestled in stunning Coromandel

Since the time we started we have welcomed families, friends, couples, individuals and of course, our four legged companions to enjoy a fun day with convenient facilities and heaps of creative Upcycled attractions immersed in five acres of beautiful native Coromandel bush.

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You can find us on @thewaterworks_coromandel

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Come see us

471 The 309 Road, Coromandel Town, Coromandel

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