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Our Location and Open Hours

We are currently open from 10am to 6pm

We are open 7 days a week during school holidays and open every public holiday.

October to April: Open 7 days a week, 10am – 6pm
May to September: Open 7 days a week, 10am – 6pm

Our Location

Getting to the Waterworks

471 The 309 Road, Coromandel 3581

We are located along the historic 309 Road in Waiau Valley. Seclusion and beauty are only 10 minute’s drive from Coromandel Town. We are well-signposted, so don’t worry. You won’t get lost.

The 309 - This is one scenic drive!

The 309 Road is a famous 22-kilometre gravel road that connects Coromandel and Whitianga. There are three theories about how it got its name: one is that there are 309 bends in the Road, second, is that a horse drawn carriage coaches took 309 minutes to travel it and third, is the height at the top of the hill, 309 metres.

Stories aside, spectacular scenery showcasing New Zealand’s natural beauty awaits you. The 309 is not just a road; it has a full day of activities and is well worth visiting.

Take the Road less travelled and discover the fun in paradise.

More attractions from our favorite road:

Waiau Falls

Along the 309 Road, you will find the entrance leading to the Waiau Falls Trail. Walk through the native bush to get there, where you can see a waterfall stream over a rock face into a deep pool below.

Waiau Kauri Grove

The Kauri tree’s majestic & beauty has played a significant role in our cultural and natural heritage. Recently, though, they’ve become scarce in New Zealand. This walk will allow you to cross the Peninsula’s most accessible and mature kauri stand.

Stuart and the Wild Pigs

Famous on the 309, Stuart and the wild pigs. His place is home to 100+ wild pigs, peacocks and other assorted animals. Once a quarry and then the location for a school. You wouldn’t call it a menagerie, free to roam the 309, Stuart and the Wild Pigs. Take lots of photos, and leave the leftovers at home.

Coromandel Mussel Kitchen

Located on the corner of The 309 and State Highway 25. Locally farmed mussels and fresh produce, harvested and prepared from the garden and sea to your plate. The microbrewery on-site offers a range of beers unique to the restaurant. Open daily during the summer season. Find out more >

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