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Overnight Stay

Fun & Rest at The Waterworks

We want to make sure you have a smooth time while enjoying your visit to The Waterworks or the Coromandel area.

To support our visitors and tourists cruising by, we are part of the NZ Motor Caravan Association, and we are an authorised motorhome resting and overnight stopping area. You can stay overnight in your campervan in our large designated area and enjoy your experience in double.

The cost for Overnight stay


Which is refundable against your entry to The Waterworks.

*Entry to the park is not necessary for an overnight stay.

48 hours of Fun

We currently offer tickets for 48 hours of fun, so you can easily go through all the attractions, park on the land for the night and “Press the REPEAT BUTTON” for the next day.

We also have a list of partners and friends to recommend to you in case you get the 48 hours tickets but prefer to stay in Coromandel Town.


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