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Open everyday: 10am - 6pm

Contact us: 07 866 7191

Open everyday: 10am - 6pm

School Groups

A school day out at The Waterworks, Coromandel, NZ Educational and Fun!

Are you looking for a fun and educational venue all in one? The Waterworks is the perfect venue for outdoor education experiences.

The Waterworks offers oodles of activities for kids to enjoy and learn from when here on a school trip.

There is a broad range of interactive activities on offer from watching our water powered clock keep accurate time, to figuring out how 12 dessert spoons and an old washing machine can generate electricity and learning how we make recycling fun with our 70+ individual attractions made from recycled materials.

How do you provide authentic opportunities for applied learning across all disciplines? It’s no simple task, The Waterworks is the ideal environment for learning.

The Waterworks is leading by example by building and managing a sustainable and eco friendly theme park. Having fun while learning about engineering, hydro and solar power generation and using  renewable resources for a sustainable future.

Provide a playful and engaging learning environment for both students and teachers. The Waterworks has over 70 water-powered attractions including a music box, a giant water wheel and a self-pedaling bike.

70% of all materials used in the construction of our attractions at The Waterworks have been recycled. No electricity is used throughout the park’s gardens and 100% of the water is heated by solar power.

Not only are all our attractions powered by water rather than electricity, the water is re-sourced and gravity fed from the creek on-site.

Inspire our children to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by explaining why, showing how and encouraging them to go home and do.

We not only offer some serious fun but also have available educational activity sheets focused on The Waterworks environment for visiting school groups, we’ll provide them free of charge once you’ve booked.

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