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EOTC At The Waterworks

Education outside the classroom at The Waterworks

School is again in session, but, thanks to The Waterworks that doesn’t need to mean the end of summer fun for young people.  Learning experiences outside the classroom are recognised…

Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer

“You’re going to get wet anyway, so it doesn’t matter if it’s raining…” writes Pamela Wade in the Sunday Star Times’ “World Famous In New Zealand” feature article earlier this…

Family Eating At The Cafe

Three Generations and a Very Happy Birthday

Sarah Rowe chose The Waterworks as the perfect place to celebrate her father Nick’s recent birthday. Three generations of Rowe family members enjoyed the celebration, including Sarah’s children Bryony (15),…

Flying Fox

Fun Has No Age-Limit

Honouring Tradition With The Annual Summer Kick-Off At The Waterworks. Every year for the past seven years the Cory-Wright family have taken a family excursion to The Waterworks. The tradition…

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